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From February 24, 2022, the activities of KCCF Food Bank are aimed at receiving humanitarian and financial aid in Ukraine and abroad and distribution to the most affected regions of the country.
The monetary donation can be made directly from the site or via wire transfer to a bank account. The received financial aid will be used to cover the costs of transportation in Ukraine and the purchase of food and basic necessities. Reporting on the activities and use of donations will be provided in the "Calendar of Events" section, more detailed on the KCCF Food Bank' social networks.


KCCF "Foodbank" is working on updating the site. Please, find the information about regular activities of the food bank on our Facebook page. Go to the button at the bottom of this page.
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About Food Bank.

Kiev City Charity Foundation Food Bank (KCCF Food Bank) - a non-profit, public benefit and no-entrepreneurial organization, with the main statutory target is to unite efforts of different organizations, businesses and individuals for charity activities aimed to improve food security of socially vulnerable people and fight against hunger.
KCCF Food Bank was set up in Ukraine on 05.04.2011 with the supported of European Federation of Food Banks (The European Federation of Food Banks (FEBA) -, which was established in 1986 and today includes 240 Food Bank organizations in 21 country of Europe.
Food Bank started its operation in July 2011 with a pilot project together with Kraft Foods, supported by Lafarge, Cargill, Ernst & Young, which resulted in successful charity projects aimed to collect and distribute food among people in need.
Since July 2011 KCCF Food Bank began a rapid development. On 16 October 2011 event devoted to International Food Day was arranged, on 3 December 2011 was celebrated International Day of People with Disability together with number of events devoted to the New Year and Christmas (information about all promotions and events can be found on the website under Calendar of events).
What does KCCF Food Bank do?
KCCF Food Bank insures distribution of the food among people in need and in such way implements its basic statutory goals in fight against hunger, malnutrition and improve food security. KCCF Food Bank receives food from the companies operating in food sector (manufacturers, supermarkets, etc.) and also during public events. Also KCCF Food Bank ensures and controls flow of food to the people in need through charity organizations and/or public, non-profitable organizations that are partners KCCF Food Bank.
The basic principles of KCCF Food Bank are:
KCCF Food Bank never buys food, it gets it for free, and collect it from suppliers with its own transport.
KCCF Food Bank do not distribute food among people in need in person, but distribute it with a help of charitable organizations and/or public, non-profitable organizations that deal with such people and can provide adequate control that products are received by those who need them. As of December 2011 KCCF Food Bank works with 57 charities.
KCCF Food Bank strictly follows the standards and requirements of food safety these are provided by manufacturer and based on law requirements.
KCCF Food Bank operates by means of money, material or equipment donation and coverage of operational expenses by third parties.


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