Providing Kharkiv residents with food kits and hot meals

April 19, 2024

The situation in Kharkiv is getting more complex due to many internally displaced people seeking shelter there. Currently, there are over 1.1 million residents in Kharkiv, including more than 150,000 internally displaced individuals, among them 18,000 children. This situation creates severe difficulties for the city, especially in providing basic necessities such as food and housing.

In response to the increasing demand for food, we sent aid to Kharkiv. Together with PepsiCo Ukraine, as part of the "Food with Warmth" project, we delivered 1223 food kits for internally displaced families, elderly individuals, and people with disabilities. These kits contain various products that can provide a family with food for one to two weeks and one individual for about a month.

Also, there's a soup kitchen operating in Kharkiv, providing about 400 hot meals every day in different areas of the city.

The "Food with Warmth" project has played a vital role in providing food for Ukrainians facing incredibly tough situations. We need to be a source of support for those who need it. That's why this initiative is so crucial in establishing food security for all Ukrainians in need during these difficult times.








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Providing Kharkiv residents with food kits and hot meals